5 Funny Things Nigerians Do To Relax After A Stressful Day

I was listening to a radio program on Radio Continental sometimes ago, an interactive program where people call to contribute. The radio anchor, whose name I have forgotten, asked listeners to share what they do to relax after a stressful day.

Then people started calling, sharing some funny and amazing things they do to relax after a stressful engagement. I will be sharing some of those things people said they do and I hope you enjoy it.

1 Eating

This got me cracked up. The caller, a man, said he eats whenever he is stressed up. When he was asked what type of food, he responded that he eats anything edible at that moment he is stressed, that after eating, he would feel relaxed and within some minutes, he will sleep off. Wow! What a way to cope with stress.

2 Breastfeeding

A nursing mother also put a call through and said whenever she is stressed up, she pulls out her breast for her baby to suck, and while the baby is sucking, she feel so relaxed and sleeps off. Even the radio anchor could not help himself from laughing.

The baby will always be praying for the mother to be stressed up every day so that he or she can just get breast milk often and often. Lucky baby!

3 Taking A Walk

A caller said whenever he is stressed up, he prefers to walk around the street. Wow! Isn’t walking around a stress on its own? Well, that is why human beings are different, what is stressful to one is pleasurable to another.

4 Taking Multivitamins

A caller said whenever he has stressed himself up, he takes multivitamins to replenish the energy he has lost.

5 Making Phone calls

This is probably the most interesting among them all. This caller said whenever he is stressed up, he will just pick up his phone and starts calling his “naughty friends” as he said it. Wow! So he will always have to recharge his phone. Good.

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