Staying Enthusiastic About Your Project

Staying Enthusiastic About Your Project

At an event, you bump into a friend you haven’t seen in a long while. You hug and you chat for a bit, while you take note of how fab she looks even after 3 children. Long after you’ve parted ways, you remember how good she looks and the need to hit the gym soon and burn all that fat extra fat you don’t need. But the motivation disappears as soon as you see that tub of ice cream or you favorite cookies.

You hear and see a lot of stuff about people making money online and you want the same for yourself. You get excited and begin your research on how to o about it. Then you tell one or two friends who end up discouraging you and you ditch the idea.

Does any of the above sound familiar? Are they things you can relate to perfectly?

Sure, your answers are yes on both counts. You find something or want to do something and you are excited to embark on the project. You actually start, but along the way you lose steam. What exactly happens? Why do you suddenly lose interest? What can you do to keep yourself interested? What is the remedy? How can you soldier on in the face of obstacles?

First of all, think about it. There is a subconscious resistance to do things that require you to leave your comfort zone. Most times, something fires your enthusiasm, but then you lose it, when you see how much work or changes you need to make. It could be because you have forgotten the reason for starting in the first place. Why did you decide to hit the gym again? Why did you decide to eat only wheat and other gluten-free foods? Why did you choose that course you are tired of in your 3rd year?

Not to worry, it happens to everybody, it is the way you handle it that matters. You will agree the best thing is to see it through to the end. It is actually not easy to keep your enthusiasm strong when you allow yourself to get distracted by any new whim or idea that come your way.  If your imagination is fired by some idea, this fire might be extinguished, unless you are determined not to let this happen it, and apply willpower, self-disciple and persistence. You cannot depend on that initial spurt of enthusiasm. It is usually temporary and very fickle, causing you to start something you most likely would not finish.

What can you do to bring back the enthusiasm? Reenergize yourself?

Well for starters, you need to think things through thoroughly before starting anything. Ask yourself: is it reasonable? Does it flow with common sense?

Realize that often, you will need to study, work, sacrifice certain things, and do things that you don’t like doing.

Be sure you really want to accomplish that which fired your enthusiasm.

You need to develop persistence.

You need to use willpower and self-discipline.


Learn to focus your mind on what you want to accomplish. This might not be easy but it isn’t unachievable- ask those who do what they don’t like, you might eventually love it.

Enthusiasm, like fire needs to be fed, cared for and directed constantly, else it dies. Thus, while it can help you start, you will need to keep it from dying so you can finish else, you will have so many unfinished businesses all around you.

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