Cameroon Vow to End Falcon’s Dominance in Two Years

Cameroon’s Indomitable Lionesses have set a two-year period to overtake the Nigerian falcons by ending the team’s dominance over African football.


The Lionesses coach, Ngachu Enow said this following his team’s recent defeat to the Nigerian falcons. He praised his girls for keeping the Nigerian attackers at bay, but rued their defeat, stressing that, “ they scored with their only shot on target.”

Ngachu said Cameroon have improved over the years and closed the gulf of quality with the Nigerians. They reached the round of 16 of the FIFA Women’s World Cup last year, the first time any African team besides Nigeria had progressed that far.

The Lionesses had gone unbeaten in the group stages at the AWCON 2016 , and conceded just once,  both coming in the final against Nigeria, these were markers according Ngachu, that Cameroon are on the right track.

“I believe that we would soon end the Nigerian dominance. It is their time to shine, so let them enjoy but we would come back very soon to end this domination. I believe that before two years elapse, we would be able to end this dominance”, said the Cameroon coach







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