Every Bad Habits of Your 20s That Will Haunt You in Your 40s

Bad Every Day Habits of Your 20s That Will Haunt You in Your 40s

While in our 20s, we feel like the world is within our grasp- everything is on our finger tips. We can do anything and get away with it, even our bodies. While this is sometimes true, you must be careful about your choices, because they can have very dangerous consequences in your 40s and beyond. Here are some bad habits, some you do almost every day, which will haunt you later:

  1.   Holding in your anger

Bottled emotions never do anyone any good. You hurt yourself as it can cause digestive issues, sleep issues, blood pressure issues, etc., and generally no peace f mind. If someone has hurt you, or you don’t like what your fiancé just did, let him know. Don’t hold it in. let it out. Don’t shout, don’t use an accusatory tone, don’t be offensive. Let him know.

2.   Not eating properly

You want to be like that slim shottie you saw on TV the other day, so you go on diet after diet- starving yourself of the necessary nutrients your body needs. This is unsustainable. Do you know that you are doing more harm than good; you may develop food allergies in the long run, anorexia nervosa, and gaining more weight when you eventually start eating normally, as your body will store up fats in case you decide to starve it again.

3.   Failing to floss

This can do a lot of damage to your teeth. The amount of money you will need to spend on intensive dental procedures down the road will far outweigh what you will spend on flossing- a simple thread is enough if you don’t have floss at home. Get those particles outta there.

4.   Drinking daily

You may not see it right away, but drinking daily dehydrates your body and causes wrinkles. There is almost no amount of water that can make up for the dehydration caused by daily alcohol.

5.   Wearing high heels

There is nothing like looking and standing tall in high heels. You will look simply amazing as high heels push your butt out, pull your chest forward and elongate the legs. This is good for you, your looks and confidence but wearing them too much puts a lot of pressure on your spine and joints. This is not good.

6.    Using social media at bedtime

If you’re a millennial, you almost definitely look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all the above right before sleep. Studies have found that looking at such sites, suing phones or computers before bed can interfere with one’s sleep greatly, and not getting enough sleep can cause many other health issues.

7.   Not getting enough sleep

Sleep for at least 8 hours, this we have been told so many times. True, but then there are so many goals, tasks, work that need to be accomplished which keep us wide awake at night. Please note that just because you can run on 5 hours of sleep a night when you’re 20 doesn’t mean you should. Your body knows you haven’t slept enough, even if your brain doesn’t, and it will make you pay later in other ways, over the years.

8.   Being a workaholic

Being a workaholic has its quirks. It rubs you of having a “life”. You, yourself and you revolve around work. Nothing new and exciting about work. Do note that having a healthy social life is important for fighting off depression. Fighting off depression is important for fighting off health issues. Not having a life due to your being a workaholic does more harm than good. No amount of money can replace true relationships.  

9.  Having an irregular meal schedule

Just because you can go 16 hours without food doesn’t mean you should. If you want your metabolism to treat you well when you’re older, you need to treat it well now. Strengthen it while you still can.

10.  Sitting in front of a computer too much

It is a bit difficult with the way our Nigerian offices are structured- desks and cubicles and chairs in all of them which requires that we sit all day every day. Sitting for most of the day, every day, can cause back and neck pain, digestive issues and more. This will take its toll in your latter years.

Since it might be impossible for you to request for a standing desk, you can stand up and stretch your legs for every 2 hours you sit. You could take a quick stroll around the office. Nothing bad in doing that. Also, the light coming off the computer is not good for the eyes, so make sure you don’t stare at your computer screen for a long time. From time to time, break off and look far away for some minutes.

Are there other bad everyday habits you think is harmful in the long run? Let us know in the comments section.

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