22 Things Confident Women Don’t Do

22 Things Confident Women Don’t Do


So many confident women are found all over the world- the likes of Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Kaitlin Jenner *winks*, Omoni Oboli, Funke Akindele, etc. they carry themselves with such grace and poise, ready to take on the world. Want to be confident like them? Yeah, you do along with a lot of us out there. You want the energy to change whenever you enter a room. So, memorable.

Anyway, as a confident person, there are some things you shouldn’t do. They include:

  1. They don’t doubt themselves

Are you one to doubt if what you are wearing is okay for this occasion? To hesitate while making decisions? Confident people don’t doubt themselves and their ability to make decisions. Before taking any decision, they think it through properly. Once they are don’t thinking, they make the decision and stay true to it till the end.

2.  They don’t try to please people

Looking at confident people around you, you will realize that they don’t care what people say about them. They don’t need external approval, theirs is enough. They know they are., are confident in their abilities and trust that people really like them for who they are.

3. They don’t give in to peer pressure

As someone who can think for herself and doesn’t need external approval, you don’t feel nor give in to peer pressure. This because you aren’t stressed by what people say nor mind what they think. so yeah.

4.   They don’t ignore their instincts

When all facts and figures point one way, a confident woman follows that gut feeling she gets. She knows and understands that instinct is her strongest ally in decision making and thus, she doesn’t take it lightly.

5.  They don’t aspire to be popular

They tend to be a bit humble. If they are not, they value authenticity in people and make friends with such a character trait. They like challenging conversations and this doesn’t lead to popularity but they don’t care. This even increases their popularity.

6.   They don’t want fans but supporters

They are people like us. They want/need people who will support them, tell them the truth always, constructively criticise them so they can become better, not fans who will only gosh over them whenever they see them or write all sorts of nonsense on their Facebook page or making unnecessary comments on her Instagram posts, etc.

7.  They don’t follow trends

Have you seen most of them on the red carpet? Most of them are such slayers, Oh my gosh! Even in their everyday lives, they set trends. They don’t always go with the flow. They know what they need and want and make choices based on these, not what is in vogue.

8.   They don’t suppress their feelings

They understand that bottling emotions causes more harm than go, thus they speak their minds without being afraid to. They tell it as it is.  With confidence comes the ability to speak your mind in a way that other people hear you

9.     They don’t gossip

It is so easy to fall into the trap of gossiping especially when it is about someone you don’t like. Hold your horses though. Confident women don’t gossip about other people. Instead they talk about their dreams, goals, and plans.

10.   They don’t waste time worrying about or regretting something

Yes, worry and regret creeps up on the better of us sometimes but it is what we do because of these emotions that matter. Choosing to wallow in self-pity, regret and worrying over “what ifs” or “could-have-been” erodes your confidence. These women have come to understand this and thus let things take their course, do what the can, leave what they can’t, hope for the best and learn from whatever mistakes she makes.  

Are these all confident women don’t do? If no, share what other things you know they don’t do in the comments section. Thank you.  

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