Ghana gets its first online dating app, is Ghana’s First Premium Online Dating app which helps single Ghanaian’s (Home and Abroad) and other Nationals to find cherished relationships that will most likely lead to marriages.

According to the founder, Felix Asmah, the app is free to sign-up and very simple to navigate privately in searching for partners who share same interests. He added that the app is equipped with the latest security intelligence which ensures user’s privacy is protected at all times.

At the private launch in Accra, Felix mentioned that the app has several special features which will enhance users chances of been found privately. They include the ghost mode – which allows users to appear invisible on the platform. The user can view other profiles unnoticed and only people who you send message to can see you. Additionally, premium members are given are given slightly larger profile picture with a beautiful gold boarder.

Concerning security, he mentioned that every new user goes through a two step verification process which authenticates every user true identity. The platform is also super secured by Symantec, world’s largest and strongest digital safety Company.

Lonely singles who will try app stand the benefit of meeting interesting and exciting fellow single Ghanaians worldwide without leaving their rooms or offices. According to research, platforms like are super great for introverts and shy singles because it boost their social confidence.

Felix explained that It surely is a lot easier to ask difficult questions without looking in the other person’s eyes. Singles get more honest when the other person is not physically around to evaluate you.

Finally, singles have many search options. For instance, if you want a 30 year old, Ghanaian male with a job, living in Kumasi or abroad. Although under normal circumstances, this description may be hard to find off-line but with, there is a great likelihood that you will find exactly what you were looking for.

Still Single and Lonely Then Try NOW for the LOVE of your LIFE could be just one click away.

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