I bought Packaged Egusi and Beans Porridge in Lagos! It’s Real!

You just got home after that long, stressful day at work… As if those back-to-back meetings were not enough, that traffic on 3rd Mainland Bridge must surely be from hell but what can a man do? Survival is a must.

This hunger will not kill someone today and… Oops! You’re just too tired to cook! Besides, you’ll probably faint before it’s even ready. Even ‘Mama Put’ cannot be trusted not to run your belle. And man, cannot live by everyday pizza, it’s a recession.

Maybe this is your story every day but before you do like Esau, we’ve got good news for you!

It’s NauNau Food! Your favourite dishes on the table in just 2 minutes. Just warm and serve. Easy. Well packaged Ready-to-Eat Nigerian Foods with natural Ingredients, no preservatives and 18 months’ shelf life. You won’t even need to refrigerate.

For your variety of choices, we’ve got you covered: Jollof Rice with Chicken, Beans Porridge, Egusi Soup, and Fried Rice. You want it NauNau, you get it NauNau.

So, if you’re that busy housewife that hardly has time for the kitchen? Or the single lady or bachelor with so much on your hands but still you want to eat healthy? NauNau food has got your back. It comes in ready, simple packs and is available at Game stores in Lagos and Abuja. Buy, stock at home and eat anytime you want.

No stress, no wasted time! With NauNau foods, hunger is a thing of the past. Just be kind and tell a friend about this. To get more info, follow us on social @NauNaufoods or visit www.naunau.com.ng


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