This Bobrisky Brand Scares Me! – Kehinde Ajose

Kehinde Ajose, editor of TheNewsGuru, in this piece wonder how bleaching expert dubbed African male barbie, Bobrisky, could sustain his brand for the rest of time.

Everyone desires success, fame and fortune . For me the aforementioned are only tools needed to be able to influence and impact people. We pray for success or whatever we call it, but what we find rare these days is praying for the capacity to sustain this success. Whatever you do, don’t just be satisfied with the little attention you are getting now…the question is that can it be sustained?

Now Bobrisky has granted several interviews, invited as a ‘VIP’ to events, made a guest appearance in a music video etc. He believes he is the man of the moment and basking in the euphoria of the attention he is getting. The question is : Can this be sustained ? Does he have the mental stamina to be able to offer something laudable from the attention he is enjoying at the moment? What is he really selling? What ‘product’ is he bringing to the market? Bleaching creams , his bae or his often talked about dancing skill?

Brands like Bobrisky scare me because they suddenly emerge out of nowhere to confront fame. You don’t come to fame unprepared. She will test you to know how prepared you are in order to enjoy her. Anything hastily conscripted will be hastily decimated. Brands like 2face are still relevant today against all odds because there is a story behind their emergence and they have a track record that can be traced to their success.

You should always go for anything that can be sustainable , and not the ‘Bobriskian’ kind of fame. A flash in the pan today, fizzles out tomorrow.

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