Prostitute Surrenders Packs of Condoms in Church After Deliverance [PHOTOS]

A prostitute in Uganda on Saturday caused a stir as she surrendered packs of condoms after she was delivered in a church, Robert Kayanja Ministries,

The 25-year-old lady, Ninsiima Allen, was reported to have come out for deliverance during the service.

Prostitute surrenders packs of condoms in church

The Robert Kayanja Ministries shared the story on its official Facebook page saying, “Ninsiima Allen (25 years old) from Wakaliga was a prostitute.

“She came for #77DOGS, was convicted by the Holy Ghost, repented and gave her life to Jesus Christ.

“She went back to the lodges where she had been practicing the prostitution and preached to the people there, testifying that she is now born again and free.

“Allen, however was afraid that she could have contracted HIV/AIDS. She was counseled by one of our ministers here and got the boldness to go for an HIV test. To her joy, she found that she was HIV negative.

“She was set free from prostitution and the bondage of fear. Glory to God.”

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