Falconets Stranded, NFF fails to raise Transport fares

The financial crisis in the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF) has worsened as the federation is currently battling to raise transport fare for the national women U-20 team, the Falconets to return to their bases after crashing out of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Papua New Guinea.

The Falconets had earlier held the federation to ransom, when they insisted that they cannot vacate their hotel rooms unless they were paid all their bonuses and allowances.

It was gathered that the NFF had in a meeting yesterday with the players and officials of the team pleaded to be given some time to raise the approved N20,000 transport fares for each of the players to return to their clubs.

The NFF General Secretary, Mohammed Sanusi, who was at the meeting with another board member begged the players to give the federation some time to raise the transport fare, stressing that the NFF has no money to meet up with its responsibilities now.

“We met with the NFF General Secretary and a board member, and they pleaded with us to give them some time to raise even the transport fare that we needed to return to our clubs. They told us that we will not be evicted from the hotels as it was earlier threatened but pleaded for our understanding as there is no money for the federation to pay us our bonuses and allowances for now.

“However, we are still standing on our position that they must pay us. We have been neglected by the federation, starting from the preparations to the championship. Unlike other national teams, we were not well kitted by the NFF. We played with only two top jerseys and one short. My brother, our condition in the camp was not something to talk about. Still here in Nigeria they cannot raise even the transport fare they said they will give us. This is laughable; we are all tired of staying here to look at these people. They cannot even raise money for our local transport, not to talk of paying our allowances and bonuses”. One of the players said.


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