6 Reasons Why Toyin Aimakhu and Seun Egbegbe Shouldn’t Have Dated

These days, It is normal for a lady to move on from a man if she seems not to enjoy a good rest of mind in the man. Gone are those days when women get to endure the hurts, all in the name of love. In all, what matters is the next step to take.

For many who are familiar with the celebrity gists in Naija, the news of Toyin’s marriage failure is no news. However, her short affairs with Ebony film boss, Seun Egbegbe might sound confusing, owing to the fact that the actress appeared to be head over heels in love with her estranged hubby, Adeniyi Johnson.

Here are the 5 reasons why Toyin and Egbegbe should not have dated.

1. Toyin and Seun Egbegbe’s short relationship looked to us like a payback. She was obviously hurt by her failed marriage with Adeniyi Johnson and needed comfort. What they had (Toyin and Seun Egbegbe) was never love but pity, cravings for cuddles and nothing more. That was short and of course, another waste of time.

2.  If you recall, in an interview which went viral after Toyin’s split with Egbegbe, he clearly stated that he was happily married with two kids. So, what exactly was Toyin thinking to have dated him? Jumping from fry pan to fire?

3. His spoken-English is zero! This definitely is not the best person to use to spite Adeniyi Johnson, whose English is apparently far better.

4. Toyin never got over Adeniyi Johnson. After they parted ways, Toyin still cried her heads out after seeing Adeniyi Johnson on a movie set playing an emotional role. Moving on to Seun didn’t seem like a good thing at all.

5. According to Seun Egbegbe, Toyin Aimakhu can never be with a man for the rest of her life. In his words; ‘Toyin can never stay under any man’s roof’ This explained why they never ended up married. Obviously, they were never compatible

6. Sadly, Egbegbe has just gotten his hands burnt again. Today, 22nd of November, the Ebony film boss was reported to have stolen iPhone 7 in Ikeja, Lagos. SADLY toyin’s name was dragged to the mess.


This article first appeared on Goldmyne TV

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