Premature Baby Beams with Joy 5 Days after Birth, Picture went Viral on Facebook

Lauren Vinje, a happy American mother who gave birth to a premature baby posted the picture on facebook. The adorable picture went viral: it was shared over 100,000 times and received over 285,000 likes photograph of a premature baby smiling has taken the Internet by storm.

Premature baby

Lauren wrote: “Our first daughter at five days old. 3 lbs 14 oz (1.7 kg), she was happy to be alive!”

She spoke concerning the importance of the picture to her especially during difficult times.

‘This picture was one I looked at often to get me through the ups and downs of our NICU days.

‘Life is so precious.’

At just 1.7 kilograms, the little girl was well below the average weight of a newborn, which ranges between 2.5 kilograms (5.5 lbs) and five kilograms (11 lbs).

Despite this, the tiny little girl was all smiles and was more than happy to flash a gummy little grin for the camera.

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