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Weird! 13 year old boy impregnates his teacher

A 13-year-old pupil has impregnated his teacher after having a sexual relationship with her for nine months.

The teacher Alexandria Vera is likely to be sentenced after she admitted having aggravated sexual assault on the boy.

Police in Houston had arrested her on child sex abuse charges.

She handed herself to Montgomery County police station on June 1 but agreed to a plea deal accepting a charge of aggravated sexual assault of the child Nov. 16, instead of the continuous sexual abuse of a child she was originally charged with.

The 24-year-old was a teacher at Stovall Middle School when she began having sex with the boy and claimed that the pair “love each other” after they met in summer school and grew closer over the following school year.

Harris County prosecutors say the sexual relationship went on for nine months and that the victim’s parents even approved of his ‘girlfriend’ after being introduced to her.

According to court records the boy’s family invited her to family gatherings and became “very supportive and excited” when they were told Vera was pregnant.

Vera, who has a four-year-old daughter, told police that she had sex with the teenager “on almost a daily basis at her home” according to local news reports.

Police say that the boy would sleep at her house and she would drop him home in the morning to catch the bus to school.

Court records show that she became pregnant in January 2016, but decided to get an abortion after Child Protective Services showed up at the school and quizzed her about the victim.

Neighbours said they spotted the victim at Vera’s house all the time and there were regular sleepovers with up to five teenage boys and that she said the victim was her brother.

“She was having a lot of kids in her home,” one neighbour said to KHOU News. “There was drinking in the front. We always found beer bottles and beer cans on her side of the lawn and half of the (teens) did not look older than high school, maybe.”

According to the plea deal, prosecutors have agreed a maximum prison sentence of 30 years, although she could have faced life in prison under the original charge.

The plea deal will also lower her minimum sentence to five years.

According to reports the boy, now 14, will remain in foster care until at least Aug. 2017. Vera is set to be sentenced in January next year.

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