See what this woman wore to her wedding

A woman left her guests totally shocked after she wore a dress revealing her massive boobs during wedding ceremony.

The bride left many in shock after wearing a dress showing off her breasts
A bride has been spotted at her wedding wearing a dress showing off her massive breasts to the shock of wedding guests.
Many people have been left shocked since the picture emerged online and have wondered her real intentions for wearing such cleavage baring dress to an event that should be the most happiest day of her life. It is really shocking though how people in the name of fashion are really going mad.
The photo has created buzz online as people have continued to react to it.
“Shuo! See as this girl dey show me bobby so?! You nor know say I be priest?!” someone commented.
“Trashy trash.” another added.
“There’s something wrong with either the dress or the boobs…I’m not getting it jare.” someone else wrote.

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