Samsung S7 Are Exploding Again, Says Owner

Just as the Samsung brand was beginning to recover following the disastrous battery issues with the Galaxy Note 7, a new incident has been reported in Canada.

A man who goes by the name Amarjit Mann, said he was driving when the Samsung Galaxy S7 in his pocket started to warm up.

According to CTV News, as soon as Mr Mann pulled the device from his pocket – it exploded, filling the car with smoke.

“I luckily threw it outside,” Mr Mann told the news channel.

“It should have damaged my whole car. I just saw smoke and nothing else.”

The Winnipeg man suffered second-degree burns to his hands and third-degree burns to his wrists.

He said doctors have warned him that he may be unable to work as a mechanic for some four weeks.

However Mr Mann is thankful the accident wasn’t worse.

“I should’ve lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened,” he told CTV.

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