…shining bright since 2006

It was just like yesterday we stormed the four walls of the English department of the University of Lagos. So many of us never dreamt of studying English as we had filled the illustrious professions like Law and Mass Communication as our choices but the funny and unpredictable hands of fate brought us to the English Department which changed and shaped our lives.

We came in with diverse cultures, ideas, religion, goals and visions but left with the same dream- to be friends, to be united, to be our brothers’ keeper. So many thought being together for 3 to 4 years was too little a time to form a formidable bond but we have proved them wrong. Ten years after graduation here we are today, together and growing strong. Though we have lost a few comrades along the way but we have gained a firmer resolve to keep going, to keep the flag flying.

It really wasn’t about the Picolo’s, HOP, Oko Clan, G-Unit, NV, Nyansh Clique or whatever cliques we formed while in school but about the fine gentlemen and incredible ladies we have become today. We have surmounted challenges to be the very best in our various fields. Your read our articles on various blogs, oh yes! We have penetrated Multichoice and Coolfm, Ebony Life, Rave TV, we are right there grooming the future leaders of tomorrow, we are executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and Administrators…we are fasionistas, Oil and gas moguls…we are in government…we are bankers, we are touring the world, we are making a difference… charting a path for a better Nigeria! The sky is just our starting point because we are STARS destined to shine bright; we are members of the elite University of Lagos, English 2006 “Class of Stars!!!”

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