#AkeFest16: Falana, Adunni&Nefretiti, and Brymo light up Ake festival (Photos)

The 2016 Ake Arts and Books Festival tagged Beneath the skin has kicked off. The festival for the first time had a music concert with some of Nigeria’s finest soul musicians- Adunni&Nefretiti, Falana and Brymo.

The concert opened with music from the amazing Falana, who set the pace for the pace for the night by giving an amazing performance. Girl wonder-band, Adunni&Nefretiti followed up in Falana’s temple before Brymo came on stage to the delight of the audience. Brymo thrilled festival participants with hit songs off his old and new albums.

The festival continues today with the official welcoming ceremony, panel discussions, book chats, and film screenings.

See Photos from the concert

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