Shocking! 21-year-old N*ked Man Stabs Father to Death with a Kitchen Knife (Photo)

A young man has gotten himself into more trouble than he ever anticipated after fatally wrecking havoc on his own father.

The man’s murdered father being carried away
A young mentally-ill man has been arrested by the police for killing his father.
The man, a 21-year-old, was arrested after police found him stark n*ked at a public lorry storage area, washing blood off his clothes and body.
He was found n*ked some hours after he had allegedly stabbed his father to death at their house in Port Klang, Malaysia.
According to The Star Online, the suspect fled his family’s double-storey terrace house at Lintang Nau off Jalan Tengku Badar, after he allegedly knifed his father in the shoulder and left ribs at about 1am.
The father and son got into a heated argument at about 8.30pm on Thursday after the 58-year-old mechanic banned his son from leaving the house.
South Klang OCPD Asst Comm Alzafny Ahmad said the suspect threw a fit and stormed into his room following the argument.
“The mechanic slept in the living room to prevent the suspect from leaving the house.
“At around 1am, his daughter heard him screaming for help and rushed out of her room.
“She saw her father scuffling with the suspect in the dark. The suspect climbed over the fence and ran away,” he said.
ACP Alzafny said the daughter found her father sprawled in front of the main entrance covered in blood.
“The victim was stabbed in the shoulder and left rib with a kitchen knife. The partially broken weapon was recovered from the scene.
“The blade was found jutting out from the victim’s shoulder,” he added.
The murder was witnessed by both the suspect’s mother and sister.
ACP Alzafny said the suspect was arrested at about 9.15am yesterday at a lorry storage area, located some 800m from the scene.
“He was taking a bath when he was arrested. He admitted to slashing a man’s neck but denied that the victim was his father.
“He also confessed to washing blood off his clothes. The suspect was stark naked and his clothes were all wet when he was arrested,” he said.
ACP Alzafny said the suspect suffered from psychiatric problems ever since incurring an injury while playing basketball in school when he was 16.
The suspect, he added, dropped out of school after the incident and sought treatment at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for his affliction until he was 18.
However, they never found a reason to have him committed as his illness was considered not serious.
The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

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