Dangote to eradicate Malaria in Nigeria

Dangote Foundation will tomorrow, Monday, November 14, launch a private sector policy document that targets to address once and for all, the scourge of malaria in the country. Malaria ravages the lives of a huge number of the country’s population. It is said that Nigeria currently accounts for 300,000 of the 100 million deaths arising from malaria-related complications worldwide. The initiative from the Dangote Foundation is aimed at a complete wipe out of the scourge of malaria in the country.

The Dangote Foundation said it was championing the total eradication of Malaria in Nigeria, because malaria-related deaths recorded annually in the country made Nigeria, the country with the highest number of malaria casualties in the world.

Chief executive officer of the Foundation, Zouera Yousoufu, disclosed in Lagos that the Foundation would launch the document in collaboration with the National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) of the Federal Ministry of Health tomorrow, Monday, November 14.

According to Yousoufu, the document, titled: “Engaging the Private Sector to Eliminate Malaria in Nigeria,” was a result of months of planning, surveys and deliberations with key private sector leaders and important stakeholders. Yousoufu further explained that the Foundation worked closely with Anadach Group to come out with the policy document proposal that addresses the scourge of malaria and how to eliminate it from the nation once and for all.

She explained that the document highlights the priority areas for private sector support in the fight against malaria, as well as a detailed strategy for private sector engagement and steps for implementation of the campaign against the scourge, which has claimed a huge percentage of the population.

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