Proposed Ban on Memes: Spanish Citizens Mock Government with more Memes

Spain’s new government recently announced plans to ban memes – only to face immediate mockery on social media.  

The plan had been put before Congress in Spain by the new Popular Party administration of prime minister Mariano Rajoy.

The controversial regulations would reduce the spread of images that infringe the honour of a persons.

Not long after the proposition was made, users of social media, especially twitter, in Spain unleashed a deluge of memes satirising  the prime minister.

Prime Minister Rajoy was painted in different clownish representations such as Ewok character in the movie Star Wars, Edward Scissorhands and Russell Crowe’s Maximus in Gladiator.



Citizens regard the proposal as a threat to their freedom of expression.

It is generally believed that the proposal will fail to make it through the Congress.  


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