Four Ways to Rekindle a Friendship

School has ended and everyone has gone their separate ways with promises to keep in touch, only life happens. Everyone is getting super busy with work and other engagements. Even though you know the value of friendships and all, something happened and you guys aren’t in touch anymore.

What do you do then? Revive them of course. Find ways to reconnect with them, because really, it is worth saving those nurturing friends who know you deep down and whom you can confide in and count on when faced with crisis.

Here are 4 ways to rekindle a lost friendship:

1. Use social media

Facebook specifically. What better and easier way to reconnect than to write him or her a Facebook message? Social media has made things so easy. What do you send exactly, after all you both haven’t talked in a while? You could start with sharing an update about how things have been with you and what you’ve been doing. This will encourage your friend to reply with a bit of openness. Once you have reconnected, make plans to see each other in person. Social media can’t replace relationships, you know.

2. Reconnect over a favourite pastime

Did you guys used to go to the cinemas, or the beach or taking care of children, etc.? why not create such an activity, invite them over and reminisce about all the beautiful memories you shared. Start by sending your friend an email with a list of some shared favourite pastime activities and suggest doing one of those.

3. Set a phone date

Still have your friend’s number? Give them a call. Don’t have it? look for a way to get it back. This can be a good way to reconnect. If they are unavailable, you can keep trying. It is sometimes weird when you call out of the blues but then it is usually delightful to hear the surprise in the other person’s voice when he/she recognises your voice. Once you guys start exchanging stories, make sure to set a phone date or a face-to- face meet.

4. Throw a dinner party

A party can do wonders. If you think about it, there are a couple of friends you want to reconnect with. You could put together a dinner party, invite your buddies or girlfriends. Let them know how much you mean to them with a gratitude/oldies dinner. Invite people who know each other so things are simple and to keep the dinner conversation flowing.

Why not try any of these to reconnect and let us know which worked for you. Are there ways you have tried that worked for you and could work for other people? Do share with us.

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