Oluchi & Marcel set to launch Scent of Africa

Nigerian Top Model Oluchi Orlandi & Marcel Desailly , Ghanian ex World Cup Footballer will be hosting 100 distinguished guests for the launch of Africa’s first luxury fragrance, Scent of Africa.

The brand ambassadors of this scintillating fragrance, will be hosting esteemed guests to launch of the luxury fragrance. Oluchi and Marcel are the epitome of their elegance and Style in Africa and this event celebrates a fragrance that  at the image of a rising continent.

Launched in November 2015 in Accra, Scent of Africa celebrates Africa in its diversity and prestige. Fed by its broad African Heritage, Scent of Africa explores the world of Scents the time of a unique scented journey.

Scent of Africa for woman and for man have two sizes each, 30ml and 90ml.

As it is Launching in the Nigeria Market, the Scent of Africa is being introduced to one of the largest markets on the continent

Other African countries such as Mali, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso (to list a few) have already been seduced by the first African luxury fragrance, the Giant of Africa is next.

The private event will be held at Alara, the luxury concept space in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

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