5 Conclusions on the American Election

  1. Those who vote tweet but you can’t see them because few of the people on your timeline defer to your logic. Most Nigerians who use twitter were shocked to find out that in spite of Hillary’s popularity on their timeline, that they have even concluded it is a smooth ride for their choice candidate, she lost out to Trump whom they have predicted an outsider.
  2. Debates don’t count in what the final result of an election is. Hillary made the headlines with her triumph over Trump during the debates. Her sharpness, vigour, and reaction to issues were generally acclaimed outstanding. Her fans went to the street to celebrate her performance as a prelude to the outcome of the polls. Hillary supporters, how market?hilltrump
  3. Don’t judge me by my past. Trump made many outrageous statements in his career. The “grab ‘em by the p***y” horrifying speech about women would not colour the electorates perspective. You see, what will be will be in spite of the past.
  4. That the media love you does not make you a toast of all. In 2016 alone, Hillary had over 500 media endorsement in articles both in the US and internationally. Apart from that she was supported by very prominent people in all major sectors: from politics to entertainment to sport and all. That she lost is a confirmation that endorsements do not win election. Madame Secretary, so sorry this is not entertainment.
  5. That mystical monkey that predicted Trump’s victory was so on point. It will have a long career as a prophet now, just like Octopus Paul.

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