Principles of Creativity You Should Use Every Day

It is amazing to be a creative, but then it is not an easy task. Writing, drawing, painting, designing images, creating software and websites, cooking gourmet food, composing lyrics and tunes, dancing, taking photos, etc. It’s hard especially as you always have to come up with new ideas. Sometimes, things flow, other times, you’re out of ideas. What do you do? What can you do?

  • Build a resource pool of inspiration

Since you will not always have ideas on what to write or paint and all, you can build a resource pool, create a backup, a repertoire of creative insight which you can always draw from whenever your creative juices aren’t flowing. Mind you, don’t force it. when you do, you get a headache.

  • Stop thinking and start doing

While as a creative you want to give free reign to your imagination, to explore and get great and fresh ideas, you like most creatives will find out that most times you think and dream more than you do. One of the most important principles of creativity is setting of limits/boundaries and implementing schedules. Don’t be just a thinker of great ideas who lacks follow-through.

  • Be prepared to receive constructive feedback

It is great to always receive positive feedback and all but then when that’s all you get; how do you improve upon yourself and your art? If the only people you surround yourself with are the ones who constantly praise you, you will never see your work beyond its comfort zone. These sometimes-disheartening criticisms will make you work better at your craft and help you give a well-approach to it. No creative creates a masterpiece so their work will be treated badly. The trick, though, is to find someone whom you trust completely, someone who will be constructive in their approach, rather than confrontational.

  • Stay teachable

Being the best at what you don’t mean you can’t learn anything new. Be eager to learn new things. You don’t know 100% of everything. To grow, understand, and evolve, in all areas of our lives, is what feeds our inspiration. Learning stimulates the mind and helps spark creativity, especially when what is being learnt is sometimes not connected to your art or craft. Be humble, eager to learn and stay teachable. If someone supposedly “beneath you” knows something you don’t, you can always learn from you. It wouldn’t kill you to ask for him/her to teach you. *winks*

Are there any principles we left out? Do let us know in the comments section.

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