PHOTOS: Kid Star OZZYBOSCO Touches The Heart Of The 4 Year Old Usman Sadiq

Zaria stood still as it registered a philanthropic and memorable act of kindness by this 9 year old kid artiste OzzyBee a.k.a Ozzybosco WonderKid who visited the 4yr old Usman Abubarkar Sadiq whose eyes were gouged out by callous ritualists.

Accompanied by some members of OzzyBosco Smile Foundation (OSF) he first visited Usman’s School; Prof Ango Abdullahi School where they received a very warm welcome by the school management & Usman’s family.
The WonderKid delivered a passionate speech in which he strongly condemned the barbaric act. He called on the authorities to bring to justice the perpetrators of this inhuman act on a defenseless child. Later, he donated various materials and cash to Usman’s Family and the School respectively. Educational materials were also distributed from the stable of OSF to the general public who came to witness this unprecedented show of love.This humanitarian mission got the attention of the Emir of Zazzau, HRH Alhaji Dr Shehu Idris who invited OzzyBee / Team to his palace and accorded them a resounding and monumental reception. It took the intervention of the security personnel for the WonderKid to wade through the mammoth crowd who waited at the palace entrance to catch a glimpse of the Kid Star with a heart of gold.

Speaking through the Ciroma of Zazzau, the Emir noted that since his ascension to the throne in 1975, he has never received a guest as young and dynamic as OzzyBee. While giving his royal blessings, the Emir applauded his humanitarian spirit and pledged to be part of the Stop Child Cruelty campaign. The Ciroma identified OzzyBee as the first individual to have shown this extent of Love & Support to little Usman Sadiq.

Responding, OzzyBee on behalf of his foundation presented the Emir with an extraordinary award of “AFRICAN CHILDREN PEACE AMBASSADOR” in recognition to his role as a great lover of children and national peace arbitrator.
The visit provided a good platform to campaign against the rampant Child Cruelty in our society. Usman Sadiq and indeed other children out there deserve LOVE not HATRED!!!
Please visit his website for more information on SCC Projects/Campaign: www.ozzybee.com
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