Would you want a chocolate that will fix your period pain

A lot of ladies reach for chocolate during their ‘period’ as a form of painkiller. Although choko isn’t a proven painkiller medicine, but being delicious and comforting and everything that’s good in this world.


However, a Swiss chocolate-making brand “Chocolate With Love” as taken it from there, claiming to have made a chocolate that relieves period cramps.

The chocolate’s called ‘Frauenmond’, which translates to the lovely-sounding ‘women’s moon’ instead of the more accurate ‘ blood is coming out of my vagina and everything hurts’.

Chocolate With Love’s boss, Marc Widmer claimed that the chocolate contains 17 different herbs from mountains in Switzerland, which work to create a soothing effect on the body.

These work with the serotonin in cocoa, which can also relax the body.

It’s basically just aromatherapy but in chocolate form – which we are all for.

The makers also say the chocolate is delicious, and can be consumed by men, too.


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