Essential Style Tips For Attending Art X Lagos

So, you’ve probably heard that the biggest contemporary art exhibition, Art X is holding in Lagos from Friday, November 4 till Sunday, November 6, 2016 and you’re pretty gassed about meeting all the artists and guests from all over the world that will be attending, but there’s one problem – you don’t know what to wear!

artxwith7up -
Rest easy, we got you!

Here are some quick tips to help you get your style right for the Art X exhibition sponsored by 7UP.

– You have to look like you know Art even if you don’t have the slightest idea. So the trick is: be an ‘artwork’.

I’m sure you’ve heard that normal is boring but, you haven’t fully grasped the true meaning of that saying until you hang with “art people”. Don’t be afraid to play with your dressing. You can pull off anything and even convince people it’s art if you’re confident enough.

– News about town is that there will be performances from Simi, Falana, Vector and more. It’s therefore important that you dress as comfy as possible just in case, Simi breaks into “Open And Close” in the middle of her performance. Whip out your dancing shoes!

– Ladies, this is not the time to flaunt your permed hair or waist-length Peruvian weaves. If you don’t play for #TeamNatural, your best bet is to get an Afro wig, faux locs or braids. Thank me later!

– Lastly, colour of the day is green. Okay, okay I’m just kidding. There’s no official dress code or colour but I mean, how better to show you’re a patriotic citizen while also showing some love to 7UP?

Now, go get ready, the event begins today!

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