South African Tourism – Shopping & Dinner at Saxon Villa Hotel and Spa

Shop, shop and rest.

Today, I spent most of my time catching up with work in Lagos and also did a little shopping. The $100 monthly limit placed by the Central Bank of Nigeria on Naira cards used for international transactions is regrettably uncomfortable right now. It made for a bad shopping experience for Sisi Yemmie and I as we couldn’t purchase most of the beautiful dresses we saw at the mall. We had looked forward to shopping only to get to the shops and be confronted with our country’s sad reality. Who comes to South Africa and doesn’t shop? Our Nigerian bank cards completely messed us up.


After spending most of the day in private engagements, the group came together at night. We proceeded to the most prestigious hotel in JohannesburgSaxon Hotel Villa and Spa. It is a five star hotel located on Saxon Street in Johannesburg. Here it was that late president Nelson Mandela wrote his autobiography titled, ‘Long Walk to Freedom.’ A night here will cost visitors $600 and it was a real privilege visiting. I met some friends from the tourism and hospitality business too.

Dinner was delicious; the discussions, memorable; the art and craft collections in Saxon hotel are magnificent and the library section blew me away. I found a book about the Benin history in Nigeria owned by the British museum. It was exciting seeing such as part of their collections.

saxonvilla-meal-south african

The night ended well around 11:30 pm as we all got back to our hotel and retired to our rooms.

South Africa, I will not forget you in a hurry.


My Experience So Far…

It was a good time visiting the Republic with these awesome people of West Africa.

Thank you to our hosts – South African Tourism and South African Airways.

My friends from Ghana – Jackie, Juliet, Mamavi and Ameyaw; sharing this experience with you was great. Ameyaw and Mamavi stuck together during the trip. I wish you had mingled some more. Nonetheless, it was great having you both around. I learnt a bit about Ghanaian food and culture.

Juliet and Jackie, you are beautiful inside out. God bless you.

Mr Kelechi Amadi-Obi, spending time with you during this trip has been insightful. Thank you for the advice and our discussions will be cherished.

AY – The time spent with you was a good experience. Thanks for being the big bro.

Noble Igwe, the real diva in our group. Thanks for being fashionable and keeping it real. I should have asked for the Sisi Eko sandals first but Omalicha beat me to it.

Omalicha, Temi and Dami – our radio divas. The gists were never ending. Thanks for making this trip a memorable one. It was fun getting to meet with you three, one on one. Sitting with the ladies behind the microphone, the laughter never stopped.

Sisi Yemmie – Sisi o sisi.. Your reaction after the golden loop is epic. You had the best reaction after the ride. Thanks for making this trip a memorable one. All our pictures and tagging to take turns to shoot will not be forgotten.

Okiemute – Pulling off an impromptu performance at Legend restaurant in Sun city was a good move. You are a star, keep shining.

Idia – our beautiful model. Thanks for making this trip remarkable; it was a pleasure meeting you.

Liz and Danuskar – Our efficient production team, thanks for making this trip memorable.

Let’s do this again guys!

Pictures and videos were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S7edge and Canon EOS 760D.



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