IMN uncovers alleged plot to kill Southern Christians, Muslims in North

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, says it has uncovered plot to kill Southern Muslims and Christians residing in the Northern part of the country, stressing that the planned killing will displace many people.

In a statement signed by its Media Forum President, Ibrahim Musa, the movement also alleged that security agencies have concluded plans to disrupt its annual “Arbaeen trek.”

IMN said those who are against its annual ritual plans will attack its members under various guises during the trek, adding that some of its members have been marked for assassination.

This is coming at a time when, the Kaduna State Government had officially released the Gazette on IMN, declaring the movement as an unlawful society.

The statement reads, “It has come to our notice that security agents have perfected plans to cause mayhem during our annual symbolic Arbaeen trek, commemorating a similar trek the Umayyad ruler Yazid subjected family members of Prophet Muhammad (AS) to, from Karbala to Damascus in the year 680AD.

“This trek is a religious duty, which the faithful embark on, as a mark of answering of the call to help of Imam Hussein (AS) on the plains of Karbala, which many quotations of our Prophet (S) enticed faithfuls to answer, even if it were to be by crawling. It is purely symbolic and is done by millions of faithfuls worldwide.

“In Nigeria however, opponents who do not want anything of that tyranny against the family of our Prophet (AS) remembered and exposed had always used various plots and evil schemes to demonize the symbolic trek and even stop it by hook or crook means and the use of force.

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