7 Nigerian YouTube videos to bring up Nostalgia

There are times we just miss the past and we want to experience those things that made our childhood fun. The great music, the happy sound of laughter that followed when trying to sing like a popular musician…. Good memories, hun?

Anyway, thanks to YouTube videos, we can trigger good memory and journey into our childhood and those sizzling teenage years of great pop songs, TV theme tunes, songs from Dad and Mum’s stereo player and favourite TV commercials.

So let’s travel! Wrap your arms around yourself and scream aaaarrrrrggggg! As you enjoy this 7 YouTube Videos that’ll take you down memory lane:

1.   The Cartoon you and your friends watched: Voltron

2.   The pop Songs everyone knew: Seyi Sodimu – Love Me Jeje

3.   TV Commercials from way back: “Na Who Get This Raincoat?” – Gold Circle Condom

4.   The number one song that stuck in your head: Majek Fashek Send Down the Rain


5.   Pop Anthems: Remedies – Shako mo

6.   The song that amused you as child, but you now long for: African Style, Bright Chimezie

7.   Songs from your parent’s stereo player: Sir Victor Uwaifo – Joromi

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