Video: UntoldFacts: Insightful knowledge on sexual orientation in Nigeria

On the fifth episode of Untold Facts airing today, the host of the monthly series, Moses Omoghena will be engaging guests on the topic ‘violence against gay men and women, since when did violence become a result to anything.’?

Untold Facts is a discussion series that focuses on sexual health and rights in Nigeria, it clarifies myths and clears up misconceptions around sexual orientation and gender identity. The show is sponsored by The Initiative for Equal Rights.

Guests on the new episode are Abayomi Aka, a legal practitioner who is also a human rights activist and Emeka Chukwuma, another legal practitioner who specialises in corporate, criminal and civil law.

Speaking on the issue of gay men and women being battered simply because of their identity, Emeka said that ‘the first thing that comes to mind is human right, was the due process followed and what are the state actors doing about this’?

Contributing to this topic, Yomi stated that “it has nothing to do with being gay or straight, simply put, a human being has been hurt or someone’s rights has been breached.” “Also, what necessary precautions have been taken in defence of this person, how has this person been catered for in that regard and has this person been able to exploit all the justice system?”

He gave a survey from December 2015 to March 2016 stating that “105 extreme cases of human rights violation were perpetuated against people in the LGBT community ranging from black men and extortion, ‘supposedly’ curative rape, unlawful arrest and detention, instances of kidnap and worst cases, death.”

“Any idea or philosophy that places a class of people above another class breeds violence” Emeka added, he also outlined some effective ways of bringing perpetuators to justice by making reference to the five roles a state must fulfil as stated by the United Nations:

·         Protect right to life and liberty

·         Right of association, right to assembly

·         Safeguard these rights

·         Repeal laws that forbid freedom of expression

·         Repeal laws that are against same sex marriage or homosexuality

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