Rele Gallery Opens New Exhibition, The Adorned Series by Asiko (Photos from Opening)

Over the weekend, Rele Gallery opened its doors to the public to celebrate the launch of the first solo exhibition in Nigeria for U.K based Nigerian photographer –  Asiko. The exhibition titled ‘The Adorned Series’ is a collection of 44 pieces that captures women in powerful poses. The photographer uses portraiture and mixed media to bring his vision to life.

On walking into the gallery, you are hit with ‘Ori Okan’, which is one of the mixed media works. In this particular piece, the model is in a contemplative pose and is beautifully adorned in intricate jewelry. It is a commentary on how various cultures adorn themselves and Asiko uses this as a means to explore female sensuality and strength.  In this piece and with the rest, Asiko uses his lens to inspire the feeling of awe.

This exhibition is one that has to be experienced for oneself.

The opening was attended by art buyers and lovers alike, other artists who respect Asiko’s creative expression such as Reze Bonna, Lakin Ogunbanwo; and even some of the models (Zainab Balogun) photographed for the series! The guests milled about, taking it all in whilst enjoying refreshments. Asiko himself was in attendance and had conversations with attendees about the series and the inspiration behind the work.

There will be an Artist Talk with Asiko on Thursday, November 4th, 2016 while the exhibition runs til November 20th, 2016

For now, enjoy some photos from the opening reception.

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