Fun, Games and Insights: This Is NOT Your Typical Nigerian Job Interview

Fun, Games and Insights: This Is NOT Your Typical Nigerian Job Interview
Corporate recruitment in Nigeria is quite predictable. Most times, you need to develop a longsuffering attitude to be able to go through the nerve-racking and stressful process.

This usually starts with sending your CV – an overhyped document filled with a summary of your academic qualifications, where you’ve worked and random activities from your adult life – mostly made up and sugarcoated.
You pray and fast to ensure you’re called in for a written test.
You eventually get an email from the employer asking you to come for a written test. This could resemble anything from a Secondary School entrance quiz to NASA test for rocket scientists. You know better than to be fooled by the simplicity of GMAT. The simpler the questions, the harder they really are. No joy there.
You pray and fast again so you can get a callback for an interview.
You finally get the interview date and deep inside, you know it’s about to be question and answer time, so you cram all the answers suggested on job websites and Nairaland, practicing well ahead of D-Day. The internet is a beautiful place.
You pray and fast again waiting that they call you back to tell you that you passed and you can start work in a month’s time, but instead they call you and ask you to go for medical check-up. *Sigh*
All of this could take weeks maybe even months. At the end, if lucky and you finally make it in, you may just find out after the first week that it’s all been a waste of time and you can’t really fit into the system. Your personality just doesn’t flourish in a place like this.
The lucky employees discover early and move on, while many more are stuck frustrated for several years, trapped in a job that cramps their style.
But wait… What if there’s an interesting recruitment process that makes more sense than all this? A highly interactive and fun process for an international job placement, starting out with a test/interview that reveals the company culture, gives you an overview of what your life will be like working there, while also telling you about your own personality?
Imagine all that fun, and then the possibility of getting yourself that dream job!
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