Where are these celebrity women now?

…Why banking sector can never forget them

Like wilted roses, the wives of certain bank chiefs have faded in charm and grandeur. Just as the droopy rose fades off the green meadow, these powerful women have virtually faded off the social scene. Despite their past acclaim, these beautiful wives of top bank MDs have disappeared from the social scene thus prompting questions about their whereabouts. Prominent members of the pack: Elizabeth Atuche, Ebele Mike-Chukwu, Kate Nwosu, Tolu Akingbola, Kay Ovia, Ijeoma Oraekwuotu Awele Elumelu, Dudun Peterside, Omotayo Akinfenwa, Adenike Jacob- Ajekigbe, Ayoade Adebisi-Omoyeni and Amaka Mbonu were notable for their capacities to assert themselves and impose their worth in the global stratosphere while their husbands held sway in the banking sector.

It is indeed shocking that these society ladies cum party freaks who bestrode Nigeria’s social scene like diehard amazons could suddenly fade away from the limelight.

No more do they cruise about town in exotic cars with customized plate numbers. No more do they traverse European cities like Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin while they make London their second home. And no more do they excite enviable eulogies from various local musicians. These former ‘first ladies’ of banking, like snow men at sunrise, are no longer the darlings of high society. Loyalty and acclaim are indeed transient.

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