These are 4 Career Killers You Should Know

Welcome to Naija, our wonderful country, where it is hard at times to get and keep a good job. There are certain things you shouldn’t allow to be the death of your career. Amongst other things do not allow:

  1. Procrastination

Ohhhh that thief of time. You are given a task to work on for a week and you put it off until Wednesday and then something happens, say you forgot to save the work and all is lost or the computer crashes, what do you do? A big minus for you. Yes, putting off studying till a week to the exam worked in school, since you still managed to pull off decent grades. But in the workplace, kolewerk. Procrastination should be given a boot in your life, if it is an ingrained habit, else your career is going to suffer for it.


  1. Sleep deprivation

If you want to be the best at what you do, you have got to get some rest. Sleep please. Yes, there is no time and you have to hustle but “na only person wey dey alive dey work o!” Not getting enough sleep every day or any day affects how you function during the day. You might think it insignificant but you want the best out of yourself? Sleep well. Else, you will muddle up your work and reputation at work.

  1. Yourself to be a bad player or lone ranger

Everyone claims to be a team player most times, but when you think about it, are they? Are you? You want to get ahead at the office? Do not get stuck with this label. Yes, be able to work on your own but when it comes to teamwork, put in all your efforts and help the team even though your individual effort might not be recognized per se. Be a team player. Help out, showcase your skills and abilities. Do not overdo it though, you might come off as a selfish person who is only interested in looking out for him/herself.

  1. Your skills to become stale

This can kill your career faster than you can ever imagine. The same way you have been preparing reports is the same way you still prepare it 5 years later. The same way you have been making presentations for the past 20 years is still the same way you are doing it now. There are so many online courses, YouTube how-to tutorials to learn from… Upgrade your skills to stay relevant in your chosen career.

All these will kill your career faster than you can ever imagine.

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