I’m so excited about my new web series! Over here, you will get to see a different side of your favourite Celebrities and Personalities. Beautiful and talented Ghanian actress / Entrepreneur, Juliet Ibrahim is my first guest and the Personality of the month on the very first episode of Ariyike weekly special.

I had so much fun hanging out with Juliet. We started off by having a glam session at Make up by Chinny then we went off to BLD in Lekki, Lagos to chat and have a drink. The whole essence of this motivational web series is for Celebrities/ influential People to share their real life survivor stories and how they were able to cope in times of difficulties.

Here, Juliet shares her own survivor story about witnessing a bomb attack in Lebanon, how she and her family had to relocate 3 different times after they lost all they had as they experienced 3 different civil wars in Liberia, Lebanon and Ivory Coast. How she had to carry her younger sister, Sonia and flee, how the rebels tried to shoot her Father and then shot in between her mum’s Legs and much more.

She also talks about how she is affecting the society positively with her Juliet Ibrahim foundation. We also get to watch her talk about her beauty products, Shades by Juliet Ibrahim Lashes and Moda lipstick. Juliet also shows her fun side as we played the Yes/ No game. You can watch the web series below and read more about Juliet on my Ariyike weekly blog. Everyone has a story. What’s your story?

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