Stephanie Coker Speaks Out Against Buhari’s Comment About First Lady ‘Belonging to His Kitchen’

Following Pres. Buhari’s controversial statements about his wife, Aisha Buhari, TV personality/entrepreneur Stephanie Coker is expressing her views on the matter.screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-6-33-47-pm kitchen

She took to Instagram to post the following message:

“I feel so privileged to be growing up in an era where women are presidents of countries, women are running conglomerates, women are effortlessly juggling child bearing whilst running billion dollar companies, discovering cures to treating diseases and so many other extraordinary things. No woman should be confined to a kitchen, living room or any “other room”. My country has progressed so much in encouraging young girls to pursue their dreams. To be hearing this in 2016 breaks me and I will speak against it till it is finished. #RespectAWomanAndBeRespected”

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