‘He Kissed Me & Grabbed My Breasts’ – Donald Trump Accuser Says on Live TV

Jessica Leeds, Donald Trump’s accuser, spoke in great detail on Live TV about the time he allegedly assaulted her mid-flight in 1979. Despite his threats to sue her, she refused to be silenced, claiming he forcefully kissed her and ‘grabbed’ her breasts. Read ahead for more shocking details.

Jessica Leeds, 74, is coming forward to take a stand against Donald Trump, 70. The former businesswoman who resides in Manhattan, opened up to Anderson Cooper while stopping by CNN on Oct. 13, revealing all the harrowing details of her alleged assault in 1979. She claims his inappropriate conduct continued for around fifteen minutes, explaining that she thought someone would see and stop it. Jessica began, “He [kissed me] wherever he could find a landing spot. He was grabbing my breasts and trying to turn me towards him. Then after a bit, that’s when his hands started, I was wearing a skirt, his hands started going towards my knee and up my skirt.”

Jessica Leeds

Jessica Leeds

Jessica said she had to move to coach in order to avoid anymore of his sexual advances. “I went all the way back to the last seat in the last aisle, and when the plane landed I made sure I was the last person off the plane.” She also revealed how she saw Donald two years after the alleged incident and he recognized her. Jessica claimed the real estate mogul said something like “you’re that [expletive] from the plane.” This news comes shortly after her interview with the New York Times, where she revealed that the Republican nominee tried to “assault” her, even saying he was “like an octopus,” trying to grab her all over the place.

Donald claimed he was going to potentially sue some of the media outlets who published her story for false accusations, but it seems that’s not scaring off Jessica in the least. Anderson asked her how she felt about his plans to file a lawsuit, to which she responded cordially, “good luck to him.” As far as what she would say in response to Donald, Jessica revealed, “If I thought he could recognize, could hear, but his modus operandi, his character, has been established. He has been this way his entire life, I don’t believe he is going to change.”

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