Travel Tips: How to Pack Your Beauty Products

So you are all packed and set to go on that trip. What do you do with all your beauty products? Do you just stuff them into your handbag or arrange them properly in your luggage?

Burp your bottles.

Air trapped inside them can cause plastic containers to leak when the air pressure changes. Open the cap, give a little squeeze to let the excess air out, then quickly recap.

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Explore the protective powers of clothing and footwear

If you don’t do this already, wrap perfume bottles in socks and tuck into your clothes or pack them inside your sneakers. You can also slip them along with other breakables into Ziploc bags, and then slide them into slippers.

To minimize leaks, put a layer of kitchen wrap between the cap and the opening of your shampoo and conditioner.

Take advantage of nooks and crannies.

Pack your liquids in reseal-able bags and stow along the bottom of your checked bag. This way they stay protected from breakage, given that the bottom of the suitcase is usually padded, and the clothes provide even more padding on top. You can place waterproof gear, e.g. raincoats, or leather clothing on top of the liquids.

Put bags in bags

When packing, put your stuff in little bags or plastic/Ziploc bags. This makes it easy to pack and makes it easier to go thorough security. Going through security, it is great to have all your liquids and beauty products in the same place. What you can do is pack them in little Ziploc bags and then slip them into a large plastic bag. This ensures everything is in one place and you don’t have to dig through your stuff for anything, or have any confiscated.

Pack them well enough and you won’t have to worry about them when your luggage is handled roughly or juggled here and there.

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