20 Healthy Choices You Should Consider from Now On

Life is Good. It is filled with so many activities and so many thing vying for our attention, which can take a toll on our health. Here are a few health choices you should consider from today onwards.

  1. Fresh fruit instead of juice from a carton

Nothing tastes as great as having the real thing. Skip that tall glass of processed lemonade or orange juice for freshly squeezed ones instead. Buy your fruits yourself. You know the benefits you would reap from fresh fruits.


  1. Pan-frying instead of Deep-frying

Deep-frying allows the oil seep into every bit of that chicken, fish or whatever it is you are frying. And too much oil isn’t good for anyone, plus-sized, just perfect or skinny. Pan-frying ensures your food remains crispy, with less oil going into the food while keeping it tasty. Yum yum!

  1. Sparkling water instead of soda

Regular water is still the best, but if you need the taste of sugar in your mouth or a carbonation kick, go for sparkling water (they come in different flavours) as opposed to sodas and soft drinks which are basically carbonated water with lots of sugar. The carbon dioxide we are meant to release is what we are consuming.

  1. Oatmeal instead of sugary cereal

The amount of sugar in Frosties, Ahhhh!!! Cereals should be left for emergency situations when there is no food in the house, otherwise they should be erased from your pantry and left in your childhood. Choose healthy oatmeal instead.

  1. Brown rice instead of white rice

You have probably heard that brown rice is better than white rice. Yes, it is, even though we have lots of white rice in the market, they have been stripped of many nutrients by the way, you should take the brown rice whenever you see it. Brown rice is full or unstripped and untouched nutrients. Buy our own Ofada rice. Promote Nigerian products.


  1. Eating 3 meals for snacking

Eat, don’t be like some of us who forget to eat. Not eating usually makes you grouchy and sometimes tired. Those snacks do not help matters most times, as such, spare your body the torture and eat only when you are hungry. You don’t want your intestines screaming at you now, do you? Do not deprive your body of the nutrients it ought to get to get you through the day.

  1. Lean meat Instead of red meat

Lean meats are always the best. Turkey, goat meat and the lean parts of chicken. For a boost of protein when watching fat intake, go after lean meats like turkey and chicken over pork and beef.

  1. Chewing slowly instead of speed eating

Chewing slowly allows you savour the taste of the food you are eating. What’s the rush? Enjoy your meal! It has been noticed that people who eat faster consume more calories. Slow down and chew your food, ok?

  1. Black coffee for Latte

Yes, Caffé Latte, Mocha, French Vanilla Frappuccino taste nice and all, but then that’s extra calories…if you need a caffeine fix, go for simple black coffee- less calories (and cost).

  1. Eating at the table Instead of munching in front of the TV

When you want to eat, eat at the dining room. Have you noticed that when you eat in front of the TV, you don’t realize how much food you have eaten, until you have cleared the plate? Even when the food is small, you tend to go get some more. Dining in front of the television can lead to serious overeating. Eat at the table to curb this.

  1. Eating breakfast instead of skipping it.

Breakfast- the most important meal of the day. It helps jumpstart your metabolism and give you the energy to go through the day. It is better than skipping it and then feeling cranky all day.

  1. Boiled eggs instead of fried ones

A huge fan of fried eggs? For less oil and grease in your meal, eat boiled eggs instead of frying the eggs. Less calories.

  1. Stairs instead of elevator

Exercise your leg muscles and burn some calories. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If there wasn’t light and the generator developed a fault, nko?

  1. Stopping when full as opposed to cleaning the plate

Our mums used to make us finish our food when we were younger, “don’t waste my food o!” “Finish it, so you will grow tall…” while this is good so you don’t get to waste food, take note to stop when your tummy tells you it is full as opposed to clearing the plate and getting constipation or being unable to walk for a few minutes.

  1. Reading books instead of watching the television

For a healthier life, read more books than wasting time in front of the TV all day/weekend. Reading a good book just before bed, for example, will not only add something to your knowledge base, but would help you get better sleep as opposed to watching a late night horror movie.

  1. Gratitude as opposed to complaining

Be thankful for all the good things in your life. Feeling thankful makes you happier and healthier. Complaining about anything doesn’t do any good, neither does it change it.

  1. Being upfront rather than acting passive aggressive

Bottled up anger has never been good for anyone, and will never be good. it does more harm than good. Be forthright in a nice way. Your sister, brother messed up your room, your colleague made a mess of the document you have him, now you have to start from scratch? Lay out your grievances and get it off your chest. Working out issues is better than building up inner frustration.

  1. Journaling for emotional eating

When stressed or upset people tend to eat more, why not pour out your emotions on paper instead. Writing down your thoughts can be just as therapeutic as eating a box of chocolates or box of cookies.

  1. Smiling as opposed to frowning

The best attire, any day anytime. Choose to smile rather than frowning. Smiling can improve your mood, even when you are alone. Try grinning in the shower or on the way to work—it may really make you feel cheerful. Plus, you don’t want to grow old quickly now, do you? Smile more.

  1. Focusing on the future instead of dwelling on the past

The past is gone and cannot be changed. Do yourself a favour and allow yourself to move on to better and bigger things. Think of the possibilities and go after that goal!

Try exchanging one for the other and see your life being transformed for the better and yeah, one more. Take out Procrastination for Planning ahead, so you get things done on time, and don’t have to rush about, leaving you flustered and increasing your blood pressure from all the rush.

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