For Princewill in his Presence (from seyilaw)

Exactly 10years ago a young man came into Lagos,he has never been to or has any relative in the great city but yes he’s heard of it and he believes only if he gets to Lagos he’ll be a star. On a good day he picked up his black poly bag containing d little clothes he owns and took a bus from Warri,off to Lagos he heads.

Now he’s Lagos,where does he stay? Under the bridge in oshodi, after all it would only be for a short time,I’ll be a star he told himself.

He sold gala, newspaper’s, ice cream and parked dirt’s for month’s and finally he ended up a bus conductor.
Passengers he carried he would make laugh and many made the statement “you are wasting your talent here,go be a stand up comedian” and so on a good day in 2008 he carried two comedians in his bus,Emeka Smith and Mc Patto and finally the comedy journey started up.

He would later feature at the Ay’s open mic night where he came up first runner up and went on to be the Opa Williams Comedy Challenge winner,Lagos zone…

His name is PRINCEWILL.

He’s featured on all top comedy platforms in the country and he’s come so far but he’s not satisfied yet, he feel’s he can go farer and entertain longer and so he’s pulling a gospel show together.



This event would feature great musical acts Mike Abdul, Babatunmise, Isaac Gerald’s and the finest of comedians Gordon’s, Seyilaw, D don, Acapella, Funnybone, Whale mouth, Kenny Blaq, Destalker, Jimboi, Matwot, Desktop, Atm, Bonus, Still Ringing alongside
Dance acts Cymbals and Dream catchers.
He’s decided to build a gospel brand and so its holding at TREM VALLEY ESTATE,cement busstop by conoil, Dopemu.
The date is 6th November 2016 and time is 4pm.

In his words: This is not just a performance show for me,it’s my personal Thanksgiving service…
Tickets: Silver 1k, Gold:3k

Tickets online at www.ariiyatickets.com and www.onsele.com and at the venue of the events.

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