GOtv Weekly Highlights 10 – 17 October


Manuel & Silvana: Silvana’ husband calls, without revealing his whereabouts. She berates him for abandoning the family. Manuel steps in to defend Silvana from Rafael. Silvana reacts angrily to Antonio Jose’s latest call. Manuel is concerned that the difference in social status might prove an insurmountable barrier. Stella finds an excuse to stay over at Manuel’s house, and tries to sneak into his room. Manuel asks Silvana if she thinks Stella is the woman for him. weekdays at 18:00CAT.

Woman Of Steel: , Eliodoro tells Sara who the drugs were stolen from. Arnulfo has a DNA test done on a piece of gum he got from Pepito to find out if he is his son. After confronting Lalo and Shayo at the airport, Sara goes to Los Angeles for Salvador’s transplant, knowing she must face Quintanilla afterwards.  Sara is arrested before she can smuggle the money across the border. Tuerca and his men follow the truck in which Sara is being taken to prison. Premieres weekdays at20:30 CAT.

Game Shakers: Some kids play sport or hang out with friends in their spare time, but Kenzi, Babe, Trip and Hudson have a gaming empire to run. In these new episodes, the Game Shakers find a lucky rat, have a cryptic encounter with a mummy and discover the downside to sponsorship deals. Plus, there’s a new app called Octopie! Catch them everyMonday from 10 October at 18:00 CAT.

Sanjay and Craig: We’ve heard of unlikely friendships, but few bonds compare to the one between Sanjay and his BFF, a talking pet snake called Craig. Sanjay experiences a string of accidents and believes he is cursed, and can they stop Vijay’s newest obsession: pigs? Don’t miss a moment of this unique human-reptile relationship. Every Monday from 10 October at 11:15 CAT


Heidi This feature film stays true to the spirit of the popular “Heidi” fables. Little orphan girl Heidi spends her childhood happily with her Grandfather in the Swiss mountains. But when taken to live in the city with a wealthy family, she needs to adapt to this situation. Tune in Sunday 16 October at 17:00 CAT

Catfish: Mad Max: Online dating can find your soulmate or it can pair you with a catfish, a con artist who pretends to be someone they’re not. Max takes the quest for justice especially seriously and has a memorable habit of losing it when faced with barefaced lies. Don’t miss his “greatest hits”. Tune in Saturdays from 15 October @ 21:05 CAT
Discovery Family

Kids Do the Craziest Things: Take a look at the most hilarious, ridiculous, and timeless moments of kids growing up, and misbehaving, from all around the world. Each episode showcases priceless moments of kids just being kids. From the boy who sees his new born sister for the first time and says: ‘We found a baby!’ to the child who uses the hose to wash his parent’s car – from the inside, or the twins who ‘help’ their mum in the kitchen by covering each other and most of the house in 10lbs of flour! Whether they’re cute, curious or just a little bit crazy, this series captures every mischievous moment. From Saturday 15 October at 18:30 CAT.

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