Giving Your Creativity a Boost

You have been cooped up all weekend working on your pet project or some business idea and all of a sudden, it seems like your creative juices aren’t flowing anymore. You are watching the telly or going through a magazine or surfing the web and you see lots of creative stuff and are a bit envious as you just can’t imagine how they do it and why it is that the creators are always on top of their game while you have chronic mental blocks from time to time. Don’t worry, it happens to most people.

What can you do to refresh/boost your creativity?

  • Exercise

This sure seems to be a solution to a lot of things, right? Well yeah, it is. It is a great way to clear your mind. Pump some iron, stretch your muscles, jog around the block for about 10 minutes, etc. In removing excess energy, you will in turn remove excess baggage from your mind. The mind always follows the body.

Giving Your Creativity a Boost

Giving Your Creativity a Boost

  • Go out

Feeling blue and unable to work or create new ideas or see things in a different and innovative light? Go out. Take a walk. Visit the supermarket around the corner, go to that pharmacy/chemist shop across the street, gist a bit with some of the people there. Who knows, you might get an idea or two while in there or while talking. Don’t just go in, buy a soft drink or soda and then return to work. If there is nowhere close by where you can get good conversation, you can drive down to somewhere you know you can get it.

  • Break your routine

You always follow a certain pattern when you work, listen to the same music on your phone or system or stereo, etc., break the routine. Change things up. Why not try Soft Rock while you work besides the Jazz, or R&B and Afro-jazz asides Hip-Hop? You never can tell; you could get inspired. go for a weekend away from home to clear out your head, go to the beach, take a drive around the island, especially at night. Long drive rides are usually fantastic for introspection. Whatever you do, it should let you come back with fresh perspective.

  • Try something new

Add something new to your wealth of knowledge, try out some new tools, remember the world is constantly changing with new ways of doing things coming up. Look for ways to mix up the things you do, and the tools you work with. Do you work at your desk all day long in front of a computer? You can learn how to use a new software which would benefit your work, or even rearrange your desk in a new way, etc.


  • Get a mentor or apprentice/protégé

Can’t seem to get new ideas? Talk to someone who is successful in your area of expertise, you will learn something new. Learn from eth best. Another way you can tickle your creative juices is to teach what you know to someone. Is there someone interested in what you do and genuinely wants to learn? Pass on your knowledge, be a mentor, you will feel good about yourself. He/she might even inspire you as well.

  • Share your work with fresh eyes

Mentally stuck and not sure what it is you are not getting right with your work, you can share with it someone whom you have never personally shared your work with. One person is enough, a fresh set of eyes, mind or taste buds as the case might be. Their opinions could bring something to your notice or even help with improving upon the work already done.

  • Leave your comfort zone

You sew around a certain kind of style. Try something new. Explore. You create music along the same line, genre, explore. You write only contemporary stuff, try some other genre. You think about solutions to problems at work along the same lines, try a different approach. Explore. Leave your comfort zone.

These are by no means exhaustive, just some things for you to try out. Yes, we have busy days, we have a lot of things competing for our time, but we can also help ourselves out of those tight corners in which we find ourselves unable to do anything productive/ produce any substantial creative work. Remember to unwind and have yourself a good time from time to time.


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