Rihanna dumps Drake following a cheating allegation

Rihanna has allegedly broken up with her rumoured boyfriend Drake following his close relationship with a basketball star and Instagram model named Dakota Gonzalez.

The report is unclear, as an anonymous source simply claimed that Rihanna “was furious after Drake stayed by Gonzalez’s side and showed her off at an after party last month in Vegas.”

“When Rihanna isn’t at Drake’s concerts Dakota is often there by his side,” the insider claims. “It makes Rihanna furious. Rihanna was getting used to being Drake’s one and only.”

When Rihanna learned of Gonzalez, she had an “absolute breakdown,” the magazine writes, adding that the stars engaged in “blowout fight” and Rihanna “immediately told Drake that it’s over.”

Drake and Dakota may be just a flash in the pan but she’s actually got a pretty impressive background, given that she’s a certified basketball star, in addition to a social media presence with a 950k followers.

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