“Ejo”: Presenting YouTube’s first Yoruba talk show

On Independence Day, Broadcasters BB Olurin and Olufisayo Olanrewaju along with Photographer & Vlogger, Eniola Abumere released their online Yoruba language talk show titled Ejo.

ejo show

Ejo which is Yoruba for gist, gossip or talk covers a variety of contemporary issues ranging from beauty, relationships, finance and religion; topics that characterize day-to-day conversations among young people across the world. What makes Ejo stand out from other talk shows on Youtube is that it’s predominantly in Yoruba, which is something that’s very important to the show’s creators.

According to Eniola who also doubles as Ejo’s Creative Director, “There’s a huge gap between many young Nigerians and some of the things that truly make us Nigerians. Things like our culture and heritage, which includes our indigenous languages. So in our quest to create a vibrant and entertaining new show for a sophisticated online audience, we also saw the need to do our part to preserve and promote our beautiful heritage by expressing this project in Yoruba. Thereby achieving the dual goal entertaining and educating at the same time.”


In addition to promoting the increased use of one of the Yoruba language, Ejo’s creators also aimed at creating differentiated content. Content that’s more varied from what we seem to have a lot of in the online media space these days. With the vast opportunities presented by the internet and online video and the numerous ways ideas can creatively be expressed, Ejo’s producers have made a firm commitment to thinking outside of the box when creating and delivering fresh ideas.


Catch Bb (@oluwabibs) and Olufisayo (olufisayome) on Ejo every week in October on Youtube and on Facebook.


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