25th of September 2016 came and Ruggedmans much hyped TSW Shindig to happen at Troy Lounge Lagos was here. The event was to see him unveil new shirt designs from his Twentieth September Wears clothing line. But that was not the case that night, it turned into a full blown concert as artists,comedians and actors all turned up for Ruggedybaba.

Ruggedman on stage

Ruggedman on stage

One exciting thing that happened at the event was a “check under your table” moment. Guests were asked to check under their tables and had to do whatever was written on a piece of paper found there. Some got TSW shirts, some got TSW caps. A man got a bottle of Martel, while a lady got a bottle of champagne. Another was asked to slap herself, which she did to everyones’ surprise and excitement.


Then a lady got the paper that read “kiss your neighbour “. And this was who she kissed.

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