Get your freak on… No Wahala

Life is all rosy for Anita but she is looking to make a decision about her family. Here’s Anita’s story;

Anita is a married woman with two lovely kids, Seun and Seyi, who are her pride and joy.  Anita was born into a large family with lots of sisters and brothers, this made growing up a lot of fun as they could easily make up a football team all by themselves. Although she loved having so many siblings, having enough food for everyone was always a problem as her parents didn’t earn much.

Now Anita is married to Bayo Ade, they are a young couple still trying to find their feet. Bayo is starting up his own business while Anita works at the Bank. Already with two kids, the Ade’s have a lot on their plate with bills, fees, and feeding. They would love to have another child, a girl maybe, so the boys can have a little sister. After looking at their income and expenses, they both decide to wait for sometimes before trying for another child.


So here’s the thing, Anita and Bayo are so much in love, infact the high point of their day is the nightly gymnastics they have. The only concern they have is getting pregnant before the agreed time. Anita needs a birth control solution that is safe and effective so that once they are ready they can start trying for a girl.

So the search began, which lead her to the local hospital where she was given Sayana Press, a 3-month contraceptive injection.The doctor has told her that Sayana press would be more appropriate just four shots  per year and no unwanted pregnancy. Your peace of mind is sure.

As the doctor went on and on giving her more information about Sayana press, Anita couldn’t stop smiling, she had found the solution.

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