WITH LOVE FROM BOTSWANA: Sebina in Romantic/Controlla cover

Chawangwa Setimela from the kalanga tribe in Botswana, better known as ‘’Sebina’’ is a new Songbird ready to hit the  Afrobeat scene with a breath of fresh air, she is hot, an eloquent vocalist, bright songwriter with an infectious crowd-pleasing ability, she is an epitome of sexiness, her flexibility in  being able to merge Southern African sound with Western flavor distinguishes her from the pack.

Sebina calls her genre ‘’Fusion Pop” because she blends R&B with acoustic, she whets our appetite with Korede Bello‘s Romantic/Controlla by Drake on this medley, she showed her versatility blending different genres yet pleasing to the ears.
She has lived all her teen life in South Africa having moved there since she was thirteen years of age but acknowledges Botswana as her home country, Sebina toys with lots of Zulu(the most widely spoken language in South Africa) in her sound having grown up with a mother who is fluent in both Ndebele and ‘’Zulu’’ so she sees herself more as a Southern  African Artist because she renders her vocals in English Language, Setswana and Kalanga.

Sebina is in her second year studying Humanities at Stellenbosch University in Cape town , South Africa, her attraction to Nigerian music is so deep that she felt she should be a part of the revolution by being a mix of two different sounds, she said “Nigerians have always shown me lots of appreciation here in South Africa and she has always appreciated their sound as well so my music will be a great fusion of the best of both worlds’’.

Connect with Sebina on  Twitter and instagram through the following handles;

Twitter; @thesebina

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