VivaWomen Hold Maiden Quarterly Forum


VivaWomen, a Publicis Groupe internal women’s network within Troyka Holdings held its maiden quarterly talk session recently, at the head office of Insight Communications Ltd in Ikeja GRA, Lagos. 

In her introductory comments, Mrs. Tosin Adefeko – Account Management Director, Quadrant MSLGROUP advised women in the group to take advantage of the benefits of a platform where they can share experiences, best practices, mentoring in thoughts and professional projects and network.

The well-attended forum hosted Mrs. Aisha Ahmad, Chairperson, and Women in Management, Business and Public Service. (WIMBIZ) as its guest speaker, and Dr. Ken Ikpe, Managing Director, All Seasons Mediacom as supporting speaker.






Delivering a presentation on the theme ‘Superwoman: Myth or Model’, Mrs. Ahmad argued that the notion of a Superwoman is erroneous and misleading. She instead, advised that women should learn to focus on doing what is best at the moment as this ultimately puts them in the best place for the next moment.

In her words, “This thing called Superwoman is an illusion of some sort. There is no super human being, whether as a man or woman. I would rather we focus on building a life that is self-fulfilling, a life that is designed by us based on the choices we make. The question then is, are we even conscious of our choices? And this is where planning comes to play.” Ladies have a plan. “Design Your Life’ she enthused.

On making plans, she recommended having a mental picture of what experiences you want to have as regards your personal life, which includes the choice of a life partner, career, family size, spirituality, community etc. “But after making your plan, be dynamic enough to allow some very necessary alterations in the plan based on your reality. The plan is only to help you stay focused and committed,” she stated.

On his part, Dr. Ikpe reiterated the need for women to expand their network and networth as well as rise beyond threshold capabilities. “Leadership is not just a position but an action. It requires discipline, intelligence and high concentration and these are condiment women should strive to possess if they aspire to be in leadership positions,” he stated.

VivaWomen is dedicated to helping women grow together by providing peer support. Her proposition includes, leadership, mentoring, career navigation, work life integration.

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