Vanguard Allure debuts the fashion project: A bi monthly competition to discover new models

As part of Vanguard Allure‘s contributions to the growth of the fashion industry, we are launching ‘The Fashion Project’ today. The Fashion Project is an online competition to select four models for our newly launched ‘editorial shoot pages’ which would be published in our monthly fashion edition. With the support of Daviva, we seek models, designers and illustrators.

Are you an aspiring model or a designer who wishes to showcase his/her talent? Then, upload your illustrations, pix, designs on our instagram page – @vanguardallure, or @glamsquadtvmag. For more information on criteria, go to: vanguard.allurengr.com or @vanguardallure, @glamsquadtvmag, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We thank Daviva for providing the fabrics for this project, the Glamsquad team, and the three designers who collaborated with us for this first edit. They are TC Clothing, Ayaba and Classic Apparel.


The competition will hold on bi-monthly basis and will be strictly on social media. Winners will be picked based on meeting the stipulated criteria for the contest, which are: physical appearance for models, creativity of illustrations for others and data analysis on Instagram.

1. Post a picture of yourself on Instagram.
2. Follow and tag @vanguardallure , or @glamsquadtvmag so we know and can including your name in the draw.
3. Use hashtag: #vanguardalluremodel, or #glamsquadtvmagmodel.
4. Tag your friends to like your post to increase your chances of winning.
5. Four model hopefuls with the highest likes (must meet the criteria), one designer and one illustrator would be selected from the shortlisted names.

Models: Must be between 16 and 24 years old.
Height: From 5ft 10’.
Hips: Must not be more than 36’

Models would be given a Z-card after publication to use as part of their portfolio.

If you qualify, then send your pix and be featured in the next fashion edition.

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